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Some of the Training Programs conducted by Vanguard Global’s personnel
Former British & US Military Special Forces

Vanguard Global provides comprehensive military, police, intelligence and government training across a wide range of fields;

  • Close protection

  • Medical 

  • Counter terrorism 

  • Firearms training

  • Artillery 

  • Close quarter combat

  • Armoured and non-armoured vehicle protective driving

  • Operation room set up, management and crisis management & response

  • UAV system implementation and training

  • CIVPOL training

  • Intelligence analysis 

  • Design and implementation of training programs and facilities

  • K9 security 


These are just a few of the training programs provided, all of which are certified to international standards, the firearms programs cover multiple weapons systems and reaction to fire coupled with sniper training programs.

Driver training and ballistic training on vehicles to B9 certification through the NIJ and CEN, covering high speed driving, anti terrorism, and off road programs in SUV and all terrain vehicles which also includes maintenance.


Programs to international governments include J-turn, controlled high speed reverse, vehicle ramming and pitting, two and three vehicle drills, advanced motorcade operation, to presidential level and ballistic programs on armoured vehicles which range from Bentley, Mercedes AMG to military ATV and troop carriers.

Image by Stiven Sanchez