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Sadly in the world in which we now live in there are increasing amounts of residential vandalism, theft, aggravated burglaries and even kidnappings, leading to a growing concern for Corporate Executives, High Profile Celebrities and High Net Worth Individuals regarding the safety of their family and residences. Your priorities are, quite naturally, the security of your family and children, your property and your privacy.

From preventing media intrusion to mitigating risks such as robbery, kidnap and even blackmail. These experiences can be harrowing and can leave you feeling very vulnerable at the place where you should feel most secure.

That’s why we encourage our clients to take preventive action rather than waiting until it’s too late. We start with a full external security review to highlight and prioritise potential risks and our recommendations will include the right mix of technology and physical on site presence to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Residential Security Teams (RSTs)

We provide reliable and professional Residential Security Teams (RSTs) that consist of uniformed Security Guards that are strictly vetted and selected with their education level, personal conduct and professionalism in mind.

Our highly trained teams will quickly get to know what constitutes the normal patterns of activity for your property and respond to anything unexpected, from checking the credentials of a courier or tradesman through to discreetly monitoring public access routes across your land. And because our teams are an extension of your home, you’ll find our employees are impeccably presented, polite and approachable.


We can also provide Executive Protection Operatives within an RST, who are mainly ex servicemen and all experienced in private security work. The advantage of using Close Protection Operatives is that they can be armed and can be used to manage any other security requirements you or your family may have, such as school runs. Our team members are personable, discreet and highly professional ensuring that you have security protection and offering reassurance regarding the safety of yourself, your family, assets and home, regardless of whether you are in residence or away on business or vacation.

We understand and appreciate the need for discretion and privacy for you and your family, so every conceivable factor pertaining to your residence and office can be tailored to suit your lifestyle by providing a comprehensive security plan and assignment instructions, without being invasive and impacting in your private life. Whether you require our Close Protection whilst on holiday or on a permanent basis, our services are available throughout Egypt and across the MENA region.

For large estates, using K9 teams, each consisting of a trained patrol dog and its handler, are ideal. Trained K9s are superior at conducting searches, detecting intruders and dealing with aggressive/threatening individuals or groups.

All our RST personnel are deployed with GPS tracking software that allows our Central Monitoring Station to track and manage their patrols, whereabouts, performance and timekeeping. The technology also allows RST members to send incident reports (text, voice, media), emergency/distress calls, status reports, all in real-time and at the push of a button. With Push To Talk technology, the RST members' mobile phones serve as walkie talkies, allowing team members to communicate in real-time, both amongst themselves and with our Central Monitoring Station, regardless of spatial distance.

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