Corporate Risk Management Training

Vanguard Global offers a multitude of Risk Management courses and certification

Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)

For NGOs, Media, Oil & Gas, Mining 

Security Guarding & Access Control Training

Security Guarding & Access Control Training course delivered by Vanguard Global Personnel (former British Special Forces) for Oil & Gas Installation - Basra, Iraq

  • Duties and Responsibilities

  • Protocols (Appearance & Bearing)

  • Access control Procedures

  • Vehicle Search Procedures

  • Person Body Search Procedures

  • Dealing with Suspect Packages 

  • Alarm Response Procedures

  • Actions on Event (Fire, Bomb, Attack, Incident)

  • Emergency Lockdown Procedures

  • Conflict management 

  • Report Line

  • Safe use and Carriage of Firearms 

  • Use of Force (RUF)

  • Communications equipment use and maintenance (Voice Procedure)

  • Compiling of reports and report lines

Suez, Egypt
Pyramids, Cairo
Sinai, Egypt
Agdabia, Libya
Tahrir Square, Cairo
Sinai, Egypt
Cairo, Egypt
Cairo, Egypt
Close Protection Training

Certified to international Standards

Covers the international modules with regards risk mitigation and diplomatic Protection.
Course is  certified by Vanguard Global and V2 Group and is internationally recognised.

  • Role & Responsibilities 

  • Protocols

  • Effective Communications use and maintenance of equipment (Voice Procedures)

  • Protective Formations

  • Secure Embuss-Debuss

  • Security Advance Party (SAP)

  • Venue Recce - Reports 

  • Protective Mobile Skill’s (Defensive-Offensive Driving) High Speed Control Reverse- Pitting- J Turn

  • Vehicle Search Procedures 

  • Surveillance – Counter Surveillance 

  • Safe Weapons Carriage (Maintenance, Ranges,)

  • Effective use of Cover

  • Action on Attack

  • Safe Havens 

  • Route planning – Route Analysis – Route Selection 

  • Effective Liaison 

  • Emergency Medical Aid – CPR – AED

  • Electronic Counter Measures (ECM)

Operation Room Management Training SOC/GSOC

Certified to international Standards

  • Ops room layout & Design

  • Role & Responsibilities 

  • CCTV Operation

  • Duties of a watch-keeper

  • Emergency Response Procedures

  • Effective Communications (Encrypted - Decrypted)

  • Effective use of Assets and Manning

  • Monitoring of mobile and static assets

  • Track24 Transponders

  • Use of UAV’s and technology 

  • Data Protection and secure storage of information

  • Brevity Codes

  • Effective liaison 

  • Implementation and coordination of evacuation procedures

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