High Risk Theatres

Owing to our exceptionally close ties to state security and defence institutions in the UK, USA and Egypt, at Vanguard Global we hand pick our operatives from elite military and police special forces units and form mixed nationality teams in any combination thereof for deployments in medium to high risk theatres including but not limited to;

  • Syria

  • Iraq

  • Yemen

  • Libya

  • South Sudan

  • Somalia

  • West Africa & 

Utilising carefully selected mixed nationality teams in combination with in-country assets has proven to be both cost effective as well as strategically and tactically advantageous by combining the best international standards, expertise and sound local knowledge and familiarity with local language, culture and norms.


Our criteria for selecting Egyptian recruits include;

  • Proficient in a second language (English/French)

  • Selected from special forces units such as;

    • Hostage Rescue Forces​

    • Navy Seals

    • Counter Terrorism

    • Commando Units such as Unit 999 and Unit 777

    • Diplomatic Protection

  • Previous experience in high risk and or conflict zones

  • Previous over seas deployments in the Middle East and/or Africa​

  • Previous deployments with United Nations Peace Keeping Forces