Penetration Testing

Uncover Hidden Vulnerabilities and Confidently Secure your Applications and Network with our Comprehensive Penetration Testing Service & Reports.

A Penetration Test (also known as Ethical Hacking) is an authorised hacking attempt targeting an organisation's IT infrastructure, applications and staff, with the aim of gaining access into its virtual assets. The purpose of this test is to harden security defences by eliminating vulnerabilities and advising on areas that are susceptible for compromise.

Benefits to Executive Management

  • Independently verify your organisation's security posture and processes

  • Reduce risk and incorporate Information Security into your organisation's overall risk management policy

  • Avoid the high cost, legal ramifications, and damage to reputation that can result from information loss

  • Leverage good security practices as a competitive advantage 

  • Ensure compliance with PCI DSS and other security standards

  • Incorporate business objectives into your overall security program. Security management is fast becoming the domain of executive management, not just the internal IT team. 

Scope of the Service


Our Application Testing covers Mobile Applications, Web Applications, and Web Services.


Our Network Testing examines the security stance and procedures around network assets. 

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