A Comprehensive Approach

Sadly, the world in which we now live exposes us all to increasing amounts of risk, leading to a growing concern, particularly among Corporate Executives, Celebrities, Business Travelers, Expatriates and High Net Worth Individuals.


Our priorities are, quite naturally, your safety and security, and that of your family, employees, property and your privacy. Wherever, whenever and however this may be required;

Physical Security; Executive Protection Bodyguards*, Security Trained Drivers

International Travel Security; Risk Assessments, Secure Transport, Personal Protection Agents*

Residential/Estate Security; Security/Surveillance Systems, Residential Security Teams (RSTs), Patrol K9s

Counter Intelligence; Secure Communications, Cyber Security

*Where local laws permit, our Personal Protection Agents (Bodyguards) can be armed. 

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Former Military/Police

Personal Protection Agents

Armed & Unarmed

Residential Security Teams

Secure Ground Transport
Luxury, Safety, Security

1-Vanguard Global Aviation & Internation

Vanguard Global Aviation

Vangurad Global Executive Memberships

From China to Peru, Russia to South Africa, and everywhere in between, Vanguard Global has got you covered. Our comprehensive Executive Travel and Security Memberships will keep you, your family and your executive management team safe, where ever you may be or may be going.

Global Security & Logistics Operation Centre, GSOC

Vanguard Global's GSOC is only ever a click, an email, or a phone call away. Forever on standby to action your requests;

  • International Jet & Helicopter Charter

  • International Yacht & Vessel Charter

  • International Bodyguard Service; with the ability to deploy former military/police personnel the world over; armed or unarmed, depending on local laws.

  • Interntional Secure Executive Ground Transport; including armoured vehicles

  • Vanguard Global covers remote, extreme and high risk destinations. Need a helicopter ride up the Himalayas, or a business trip to Iraq, we got you!


GSOC provides international travel safety & risk management;

  • Risk & threat assessments of travel plans and destinations

  • GSOC's Early Warning System provides risk & scurity alerts

  • Client tracking and checkin system via mobile app
    * tracking can be switched on and off at client discression

  • Specialist insurance policies

If things ever start to go south, our dedicated crisis managers and government relations experts are always on standby, ready to support you, provide assistance, and crisis management support. From loosing your passport or missing a flight to kidnapping and ransom, Vanguard Global will always be there for you.


In case of emergencies, GSOC coordinates global emergency response and evacuation capabilities, including medevac. And for the more extreme situations Vanguard Global's Kidnap and Ransom Response Experts will intervene (former UK Special Forces). 

As an Exclusive Executive Member, Vanguard Global's support goes beyond safety and security. Benefit from access to Vanguard Global's international business, trading and logistics networks and capabilities. For more on Vanguard Global's business support capabilities, please visit www.vg-consultancy.com. 

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Executive memberships

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